Most people could use a few extra bucks every now and then, but when you really need cash to get through a financial hardship, and you need it in a hurry, what can you do? Get help from Frisco Title Lenders. We let you put up your vehicle to get a cash loan.

Whether you need a small loan for an unexpected expense, or you need a larger loan to pay off a debt, our title loans give you an immediate cash payout for whatever your financial need. This includes getting cash for non-emergency needs. Use the money for a vacation, to buy something special or for anything you want. Getting the money starts with you being pre-approved through our online application, which only takes minutes to complete.

Applying for Title Loans in Frisco, TX

Applying for car title loans in Frisco is a quick and easy process, and so is approval. Once you submit the application, we give you a loan estimate to let you know just how much cash you can get your hands. Of course, there are few prerequisites, including the following.

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have government-issued identification
  • Have a source of income
  • Own a lien-free vehicle to use as collateral. Vehicles can be cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles, or possibly other vehicle types.

Community-based Lenders

One of the great things about Frisco Title Lenders is our convenient location. Some lenders offering title loans Frisco aren't based in town, and some aren't even based in Texas. We are located right here where you live. Our staff lives and works in the community, just like you do, so we understand the highs and lows of life in Frisco. Drop by our conveniently located offices so we can work with you to resolve your financial shortfall.

The Loan Process

How much money can get and when you actually get it depends on when you apply for one of our title loans in Frisco. Applying is step one. Here is the information you need to complete the online application.

Required Application Information

  • Vehicle make, model, year and mileage
  • Applicant's name and contact information

Once you submit the application, you get a loan quote, which is based on your vehicle's value. Now, it's time to get down to business. One of our loan associate's will call you, which is why it's important to make sure the number you provide on the application is a working. During the call you will discuss several important topics.

  • Information
  • All of your questions about title loans Frisco are answered.

  • Your income
  • While it is not necessary for you to have a job, you do need a way to pay back the loan. Your income could come from unemployment benefits, disability payments, retirement or alimony, in addition to various other sources.

  • Your vehicle
  • Information used in the application is enough to get a general idea of how much your vehicle is worth, but we need more information to finalize a loan amount. Vehicles with the same make and model don't always have the same worth. Some owners get upgrades when they purchase the car or later on, while other owners leave their vehicle in its original state. While upgrades could mean a higher loan offer, vehicles that have sustained damage could get a lower offer. Many loan applicants will bring their vehicles in for a quick inspection to assess its true value.

  • Repayment
  • A repayment schedule is set up that works within the loan term and works for your budget. We make sure payments are affordable for you.

  • Interest rates, fees and other financial information is explained to you so that we have a transparent financial relationship. We also discuss late payments and the consequences of a loan default.
  • Completing the Process

    After discussing loan specifics with one of our associates, there are a few other steps to complete before getting your cash. One of them could be a vehicle inspection, if that is needed. Other steps include signing a loan agreement and turning in the title to your vehicle. With Frisco auto title loans, your vehicle secures the funding, but Frisco Title Lenders doesn't actually keep your car. All we need is the title, which we hang on to until you pay off the loan. Once your debt is repaid, we return the title to you. Finally, we put money in your hands. Typically, our customers get the money they need the same day they apply for a Frisco title loan.

  • By the Book

    Like other lending institutions, title lenders must abide by the law of the land. In Texas, this means Frisco Title Lenders must hold a state-issued license and must limit loan terms to 180 days. Texas allows flexible interest rates, and loan amounts are not limited.

  • Get Your Loan Now

    Title loans Frisco are a great option for anyone who needs money in a hurry, and Frisco Title Lenders are ready to give you the cash now. Just think about it. You can apply right now online, get a loan estimate almost immediately and complete the loan process in a few hours. The day you apply for a title loan is likely the same day you get your money. That's extremely fast for a loan. Plus, you don't have to worry about bad credit blocking your application, and you get to keep your car.